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Out of Hours Support

At Helpful IT we know that more and more businesses are becoming 24/27/365. That's why our Support Desk is open Out of Hours for clients on a Business Critical Support Plan. 

Our On-Call Engineers are available as soon as a system critical issue occurs and work on getting the business up and running as soon as possible. With our system monitoring tools we often pick up on issues such as server down time and get the issue resolve before it has affected any business processes. 

All calls are logged in our ticketing system so that we can provide reports for Managers as well as being used internally to review issues and make changes if necessary. 

Our pro-active team work closely together both to resolve issues faster and information share so all the Engineers know what has occurred during office hours, out of hours and vice-versa. We believe the more information that is shared leads to more efficient solutions for our clients and less downtime so everybody wins!

Contact us today to discuss whether Out of Hours Support is for you. Whether you would like it for certain periods of the year or month on month our flexible contracts fit your business needs.

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