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Cloud Computing is now at the forefront of IT Technology, increasing uptime and availability for businesses, tightening security and saving money at the same time. We offer a range of solutions including fully cloud based servers using Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure as well as Cloud Based Mailboxes using Microsoft Office 365 and Google Suite. Whether you want to move entirely to the Cloud or use a Hybrid system to connect your local office network to the Cloud we have a solution for you.

Why go to the Cloud?

We prefer to save why not? Using the Cloud you are able to access all of your data, emails and apps from anywhere with an internet connection. Internet connection issue in the office? Not a problem, just pop to a cafe, jump on the Wifi and away you go again. Wherever you login you will see the same data it is totally seamless.  Cloud Computing brings down the cost of hosting servers in a datacentre or on-site. No more costly server care packs and hardware refreshing, software licencing is also included with the monthly costs of Cloud Hosting. The Cloud infrastructure is very flexible too, server running slow? No problem, just increase the server CPU/memory or instance numbers for your environment. Likewise if you are having a quiet month (we hope you don't) or Christmas shutdown? Cloud solutions only charge for system uptime and data transfer so you are not fixed to a regular monthly charge you just pay for what you use. 

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Don't want to go fully Cloud? Not a problem, whether because of costs, security concerns or you have bespoke systems that need to stay on site, a Hybrid solution might be for you. Hybrid solutions are flexible and can be used to provide a second site for your business, a DR solution or an off site backup solution


Cloud Mailboxes + File Storage

One of the benefits of the Cloud is no longer having expensive purchase and maintenance costs of on-site Email Exchange and File Servers. These are manageable in the Cloud with flexible costing, you only pay for what you use. We provide solutions provided by Microsoft Office 365 + Azure , Google Admin Suite and Amazon AWS to host your emails, documents and backup of both. 

Work from anywhere

The beauty of a Cloud solution is the flexibility to work from anywhere with an Internet Connection. Gone are the days of being tied to the desk, you can now work where and when you want. This along with a lower IT costs and increased security make the Cloud such an attractive business move.

Ready to move to the cloud? Contact us today to discuss your Computing Needs.

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